A Change.

Hello all ~! ^^

It’s Amie, finally ~ 

Yeah, been quite some times since I last dropped something here. Heee been a bit busy during the holiday. Haha.

Well then, back to the main topic. A change. What change ? Yeah, I just changed the blog address. Haha. No particular reason actually. I just feel like wanna change it. Haha. And I’ve also generalize all the post, which is I won’t separate my posts into groups. Haha. It’s easier I guess. And I won’t feel very pressured when I didn’t post in any category or posting too much in another *lol* 

Okay then, I’ll end my short babble here. Look forward for other stuffs *I still think that nobody would read this (-__-“)*

Have fun and enjoy the life ! ^^

P/S : Still in the process of finishing my projects. It takes a longer time than I expected. Huaaa 😥

Change !



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