It turns out that this blog is still alive (?)


Woah, it’s been so long— *clearing the pile of dust*

Yeah, I admit, I’ve been slacking off too much from writing. Where did all my enthusiasm go I wonder //sigh// I actually had a lot of things to write about. But the over-thinking side of me keeps on getting in my way (and also the laziness I can’t seem to get rid of). I always knew that I am the type of person who tends to over-think what would happen after I said (or write) something, the results of my acts, in a negative way. But sometimes I could go ahead and just say anything I had in my mind (which is not always a good stuff) or do what I feel I wanna do. Sometimes I got the feeling of accomplishments, but there were also time where I regretted it.

The thing is, I know that everything I said and done would have led to some results. Be it a good result or a bad ones. But that is the reality I have to face when I’d decided on something. I can’t let myself keep on worrying over what might happened because it would never lead me anywhere. I can’t say that I am the most positive person but I am not a negative-gloomy-type of a person too.

I don’t even know what I’m babbling about but I errr ummmm guess there’s some points could be taken out of this post. Huh ?

…. //runs//

P/S: … this is what happened when guilty strike over not posting for too long. Lel.