Dearest, Friend.

I can never forget our first encounter,

We’re so different, yet we are so similar.

It’s not long before we became so close,

And a beautiful friendship is established.

We’re like a twins,

To the point that people keep on mistaking you and me.

And we would just laugh,

Saying that it’s just ridiculous,

That we’re so different in so many ways.

And that is when we realized,

We completed each others.

Dearest friend,

We had built lots of golden memories together,

They’re too valuable and I wouldn’t want to trade it for anything.

But then,

What happen to us?

Why is there sudden distance that emerged between us?

Why wouldn’t you turn,

When I’m calling out your name?

Why wouldn’t you held out your hand,

When I’m trying hard to reach you?

Where had it gone wrong?

This relationship have been scarred,

And I don’t know,

How to fix it.

This loneliness started to crept in me

When I realized we started to drift away.

I’m afraid, of not being able to create new memories with you.

I’m afraid, of not being able to go back as we used to.

I’m afraid, of not being able to share the laughter with you.

I’m afraid, of losing you.

Dearest friend,


Help me brighten up this friendship again,


Help me save this friendship,

Because I don’t wan to live in regret

of losing such a beautiful friendship

I have with you.

Dearest friend,

I’m sorry.

Reminiscing the joy and laughter we shared,