Hello 2014 !

Heya, it’s Amie ! *waves*

So, how’s the new year’s celebration going on for you guys ? *krikk krikk*

Yup, I still doubt there’ll be anyone reading this hahaha.

Just wanna talk about the new year thingy before the first day of 2014 end heee.

Another year has passed, another year came to be walked through.

More things are going to happen, more challenges are waiting for us, more memories are going to be created.

I wonder if I have grown a bit throughout this past year. Hmm. Maybe I’ve somehow changed, more or less ? Hahaha.

New year’s resolutions ? Nahhh I never had those kind of things. Hahaha it’s not that I don’t want to achieve anything or doesn’t have any goal in life or etc etc. It’s just, hmm I just don’t go listing for what I want or anything /lol/ But then, to those out there who always have new resolution and somewhat working hard to fulfill it, you have all my respect ! *bows* m(__)m

Hmm well, maybe I do have some things to achieve and change but it just came out of my conscious and not because of the year changed or something hahaha. What I can for now is that I want to be a better person, in every aspect. I should really ditch my laziness (in doing everything *sigh*), increase my awareness towards my surrounding (though in certain things, ignorance is really a bliss), talk less (hmmm I should really try to do this), be consistent in doing something (hmm yeah), and some other things.. (which I forgot what they are—) aahh ! And yeah, try to increase my memory capacity (I really am easy to forget about things—haishh).

So, I wish all of you all the best in walking this new year, and to myself too heee. In everything you do, try to enjoy them as much as you can. Create new memories, so that one day you can reminiscing them again and feel satisfied with yourselves 🙂 

Happy New Year ! Have a blast people ! *fireworks* >.<

Just--- Google's main page for 2014. Haha it's cute (?)

Just— Google’s home page for 2014. Haha it’s cute (?)

P/S : I’m in the middle of my final exams. Which is another reason why I’m not too into celebrating the new year *sobbss* Anyway, wish me for the best ! Heeeee

Continuing the life’s journey,