It turns out that this blog is still alive (?)


Woah, it’s been so long— *clearing the pile of dust*

Yeah, I admit, I’ve been slacking off too much from writing. Where did all my enthusiasm go I wonder //sigh// I actually had a lot of things to write about. But the over-thinking side of me keeps on getting in my way (and also the laziness I can’t seem to get rid of). I always knew that I am the type of person who tends to over-think what would happen after I said (or write) something, the results of my acts, in a negative way. But sometimes I could go ahead and just say anything I had in my mind (which is not always a good stuff) or do what I feel I wanna do. Sometimes I got the feeling of accomplishments, but there were also time where I regretted it.

The thing is, I know that everything I said and done would have led to some results. Be it a good result or a bad ones. But that is the reality I have to face when I’d decided on something. I can’t let myself keep on worrying over what might happened because it would never lead me anywhere. I can’t say that I am the most positive person but I am not a negative-gloomy-type of a person too.

I don’t even know what I’m babbling about but I errr ummmm guess there’s some points could be taken out of this post. Huh ?

…. //runs//

P/S: … this is what happened when guilty strike over not posting for too long. Lel.




A Change.

Hello all ~! ^^

It’s Amie, finally ~ 

Yeah, been quite some times since I last dropped something here. Heee been a bit busy during the holiday. Haha.

Well then, back to the main topic. A change. What change ? Yeah, I just changed the blog address. Haha. No particular reason actually. I just feel like wanna change it. Haha. And I’ve also generalize all the post, which is I won’t separate my posts into groups. Haha. It’s easier I guess. And I won’t feel very pressured when I didn’t post in any category or posting too much in another *lol* 

Okay then, I’ll end my short babble here. Look forward for other stuffs *I still think that nobody would read this (-__-“)*

Have fun and enjoy the life ! ^^

P/S : Still in the process of finishing my projects. It takes a longer time than I expected. Huaaa 😥

Change !


First Post. It’s Random, Definitely RANDOM !

Hello ! *this is not me, nothing in this picture reflects me. Just for illustration purpose* xD

Hello ! *this is not me, nothing in this picture reflects me. Just for illustration purpose* xD

Oh hello there !

Finally, I’ve decided to have a blog. Yeah, lame *rolled eyes*

I’m so very amateur in this thing. Yeah, I know, people my age, or even younger than me could have a much more extravagant blog.

But, put those things aside, the main reason why I signed up for this is because I wanna write. I mean, I love writing. And sketching.

And commenting. Reviewing. And other related stuffs. But I never had the courage to expressed it to others, especially strangers. 

But then, I want people to read or take a look at my works *yes, I am THAT complex*. Then one day, *what is this ? Story telling session ?* a good friend of mine, tell me to write a blog. Well, I thought about it before, but I don’t have the guts to publish them (my works). And she supports me, encourage me which led me to take this path. Hoho. 

Let’s see how my journey shall take in this path *dramatic much !* xD 

P/S : I’m a student, law student to be precise. Busy, yes, of course and diligent is not really my trait. Don’t expect me to always write here. Haha and mind the mistakes in language or in any post, I’m a normal human, who shall never free from mistakes. Thank you. ^^