Blue Spring Ride.

Heya peeps, Amie’s here ~! *wave*

Yeah, it’s been quite some times since the last post (as usual *sigh*). The thing is, it’s been a very hectic period for me. With the tons of assignments reaching its deadlines, studies, the upcoming second test, and the finals ! Gahhhh !!! *flips table* x(

Enough of the ranting, or it’s never going to end.

So what am I about to post actually ? Hehehe.

I wanna share about this quite amazing (wow !) manga I just read. And being too emotionally attached too. (oh yeah, did I mention before that I like, no, LOVE manga and anime ? —- )

So, let’s start shall we ?

The title of the manga is, Ao Haru Ride (also known as Aoharaido) or in English, Blue Spring Ride (the reason behind this post’s title >.<) by Sakisaka Io. Its genre is shoujo so basically it evolves the relationships around the high schoolers. It’s been kinda hard to find a good shoujo manga lately, but, this manga really piqued my interest.

It’s about this girl, Yoshioka Futaba, a first year in high school who acts like a messy girl purposely. The reason is, she didn’t want to be shunned by the girls like in her middle school days due to her polite attitude and cuteness which attract the guys. She never wanted to suffer the loneliness she felt cause she was left without any girl friends.

Well then, she succeeds and have two friends (duh). But then during the second semester, she met with her old crush, her crush three years ago during her first year of middle school, Tanaka Kou ! But now he is known to be Mabuchi Kou due to his family’s reason. She never forgets about him because he left the middle school too sudden without saying anything. And she keep on thinking the odds of what might happened between him if he hadn’t leave before. But now, turns out that he is no longer the soft and gentle guy she knew before. He has changed, a lot.

And what troubled her the most after meeting him again, he told her that they shared the same feelings before, but that was in the past. And it cannot worked out now.

And of course, there are others conflict started to arise, third party, girls who like Kou, guy who has a feeling for Futaba etc.

— and so start a new story between them.

So, that’s a short (?) synopsis I can give. Wanna know what happens, go read the manga ! It’s worth it !

Next, what makes me feel so deeply emotionally attached to this manga ? Well the reason is, I could see myself in this story. The relationship that never gets its chance to starts, ended so suddenly. Somehow, I can understand Futaba’s feelings in this. It hurts more when you kept on thinking for the odds that might happens such as ‘what if I had the chance to convey my feelings to him before ?’ ‘What if he had truly tells his feelings before ?’ ‘What if there’s no one had stepped into our story and messed the flow ?’ What if what if what if — it’s just, too painful to have these kind of thoughts. Yes, it happens in my previous relationship. And that brings to the previous emotional posts of mine.

—- if I were to write about this, it might takes few pages, so, I’ll stop here for now. Basically, I just wanna say that I could see myself in this manga (lol, repetitive statement).

Hence, if you’re curious to know about the manga or feeling kind of interested, go read it ! It’s good, really ! The art is nice too (well, it is a shoujo manga).

Well then, I’ll stop here. Bye ~

p/s : here’s one of the scene in the manga (all credits are given to the mangaka). Awww ~ I ship you both, Futaba and Kou ! ❤ ❤ ❤


One of my favourites ! ❤ ❤ ❤

— and an artwork with the manga’s tagline (?)—

'Scent of the after rain... I heard your pulse, I saw the light'

‘Scent of the after rain…
I heard your pulse, I saw the light’

Emotionally attached,